Setting up a tent can be a pleasure

Just imagine: You walk into a tradeshow hall, remove your backpack and get ready to unpack. Now you are ready to begin. Inflate, make slight adjustments – quickly attach the Side Walls, and all of the sudden, the attention is on you. „This is the well-known A-ha-Effect that occurs among onlookers wherever an X-GLOO is set up“, comments Everhard Uphoff, Director of Marketing and Sales at X-GLOO, a division of Skywalk GmbH in Bavaria. And no wonder, because what just came out of the backpack is anything but a shabby flea market-tent. X-GLOO – that’s the brand name for the attractive, robust, sophisticatedly designed, well-proportioned tent. Whether summer special or public viewing, tradeshow or promotion – the X-GLOO works well alone or linked together, is always a looker and is perfectly suited for any event.

But there is something even better. Because the event tent X-GLOO, which won the 2008 red dot award for optics and design shortly after its introduction to the market, is not just good-looking. It impresses thanks to intrinsic value: the X-GLOO is a quality product made from the best materials, it is fire-proof, wind-stable, water-proof  and unbelievably light. Available in three different sizes, 4 m x 4 m, 5 m x 5 m and 6 m x 6 m, it can be easily transported in a backpack or  trolley and fits into any small car with similar form to an Audi Avant.

The X-GLOO which can be set up by one person comes in two modules. While the standard version, the X-Act, is perfect for those who want their first X-GLOO experience without a long delivery time, the sophisticated X-Pert version awaits with a clever branding concept. What does this mean? „The outer Walls can be designed according to the wishes of the client, from the lettering all the way to almost any color combination.  High resolution digital printing, screen printing or sewn application make practically anything possible. From a simple presentation platform, the X-Gloo becomes a premium image flagship par excellence. The possibilities are unlimited, and that is exactly what the X-GLOO client values“ says Uphoff and gladly refers to the sports business which branded their X-GLOO with clever football optics , thereby drawing all the attention to themselves – and leaving their competitors in the dust, thanks to the design.

Increased Individual Client Solutions Service is of the utmost importance for the house of Skywalk. That is one reason why the production is geared to quality, and also to the highest level of user-friendliness. „From the Repair Kit, to the zippers which help with hanging the Side Walls, all the way to the many other technically refined features which are delivered with the tent “, says Uphoff. „The X-GLOO is a high-end tent, which has to be ready quickly for use. It is our mission to make using the tent as pleasant as possible. We look at this as a service. Last but not least, Skywalk will naturally service the tent, clean it and prepare it for the next season.  Work is carried out in small, highly motivated and engaged teams. Skywalk has professional technicians at its service who bring their experience with paragliders ( and surf kites ( into tent production. The founding of Skywalk in 2001 brought together this trend-setting team.

The X-GLOO series is now the third supporting pillar of the business, which Uphoff has every intention of  expanding. „We are a house that stands on innovation“, remarks Uphoff, and the market presence should be developed accordingly and the successful product X-GLOO wisely expanded. It still remains to be seen which direction this expansion will take and many impulses come from the clients themselves. Whether it is with promotionally printed roof, specially designed inner Walls or any number of light displays – ideas abound. Be curious what the next developments could be.  „But one thing is certain, in the future we will be offering increased individual client solutions.“ says Uphoff. The custom made tent is not so far off in the future, and „building a larger tent is also being discussed.“ Until that time, the main task is clear – to gain as much exposure as possible. That means appearances at the most notable tradeshows. More specifically, X-GLOO will be at ISPO in February in Munich and at EUROSHOP as well, and for those who would like to take part in the X-Act and  X-Relax raffle from 1 Februar 2011, simply go to our webpage at – it could very well be worth it.