Functional Canopy doubles the useable area of the modular X-GLOO Tent System

The company Skywalk has just widened its product palette with a functional  Canopy  for your  X-GLOO Event Tent.  This new accessory is based on the existing tent-setup system in design and functionality: constructed from high-tech ripstop-nylon, the Canopy is water-repellent and UV-resistant. The ripstop structure provides high tear-resistance together with low weight: A 6 x 6 tent weighing a maximum of 4,5 kg is easily transportable in the handy X-GLOO Transport Bag. The material was specially developed for skywalk paragliders and surfkites and optimized for use in the X-GLOO. In addition, it fulfills the CPAI-84 fire protection norm.

Analog to the inflatable lightweight structure of the X-GLOO, the Canopy attains stability from inflation of the structure with air. The structure consists of a stable outer cover and a replaceable inner tube, the so-called „Bladder“.  This two-part construction guarantees the highest possible stability at low weight. The diameter of the Canopy tube for a 4 x 4 m X-GLOO measures 12 cm, for the 5 x 5 m Tent  15 cm and for the 6 x 6 m Version 18 cm.

Attaching the Canopy to the standing tent system is done quickly and easily by means of a zipper. “We stressed  the importance of a setup requiring very little time and  effort from the very beginning of the X-GLOO development“, according to Everhard Uphoff, Head of Sales & Marketing. „ We applied this to the canopy as well: zip on – inflate with air – ready.  According to the pump, it takes between 2 and 5 minutes.” The center brace of the canopy is fixed to the middle of the roof matrix by a velcro strap.

4 Canopies can be attached per tent unit. The covered area according to tent setup is then doubled: a  4 x 4 X-GLOO  expands from 7,5 m² to a maximum of  16 m²,  the  5 x 5 m version from  12 m² to 25 m²,  and the 6 x 6 m Tent from  17 m² to 36 m².

This practical accessory builds a compact unit with the Event Tent: the double, highly resilient YKK zipper system on the canopy makes it possible to hang an additional Side Wall. Just like the premium tents, the canopy is available in two variants, the X-Pert and X-Act:  The X-Pert Module provides clients with an individual, design-it-yourself solution: A multitude of different colors are available to choose from for the Tubes and Wall colors. In addition, logos can be applied either by sewn application or screen printing. Clients can design their tent according to corporate design guidelines, thereby creating a promotional eye-catcher.  The X-Act module is available only in black matrix with silver canopy cloth.