Manufacturer presents inflatable lightweight Tent System

The company Skywalk presents its inflatable lightweight Tent System X-GLOO at the Munich Professional Tradeshow ispo. From February 6th to 9th, the manufacturer will be presenting the aerodynamically formed Event Tent in its many different facets: with or without Side Walls, with Window- or Entrance Wall-Elements, with or without your company logo, the attractive X-GLOO Tent is a versatile attention-getter. The Event Igloo is available in sizes 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 and offers up to 19m. of coverage (6x6) – enough room for your product- or company-presentation.

Additional space can be created with the Tunnel- and/or Canopy-Elements. The Tunnel Elements make it possible to combine as many X-GLOOs as you like, also of varying sizes. The Tent System can be used indoors or outdoors, since the patented high tech ripstop nylon fabric is waterproof, UV-resistant and meets the CPAI-84 fire protection norm. The material was developed specially for the skywalk paraglider and kitesurf sectors and optimised for use in the X-GLOO.

„Our Tent System impresses with elegant design and quick and easy setup,“ according to Everhard Uphoff, Head of Sales & Marketing. „One person can complete the setup in less than ten minutes: lay it out – inflate – ready!“ The robust X-GLOO can be setup on any surface: sand, water, snow or asphalt – all problemfree thanks to the ballast sacks. Numerous tests in the wind tunnel have proven that the exceptional Igloo Tent form can withstand windspeeds of up to 60 km/h. The lightweight structure of the X-GLOO gets its strength by inflation of the basic structure with air. Each of the four air chambers, the so-called „Tubes“, is equipped with safety- and overpressure-valves, therefore  guaranteeing highest safety and comfortable operation.

The X-GLOO is available in two models: The Module X-Act is a color-bound variant, consisting of a black basic structure with silver Side Elements. The Module X-Pert makes individual design solutions possible for all customers: A wide range of Tube- and Wall-colors is available for selection. Logos can be applied by sewn application, digital- or screen-printing, to suit each individual need. „This Tent System can be designed according to the client’s respective corporate design guidelines, making it an eye-catching alternative to the classic tradeshow system or promotional tent “, says Everhard Uphoff.

The X-GLOO accessories have been designed with to the same high standards as the tent system with regard to material, functionality and design and are constructed in the same simple way. Inflated with air, the Canopy and X-Relax can be designed according to CI guidelines. The X-GLOO is available from € 1980,00, and the X-Relax from € 120,00.