In addition to the paragliding and kitesurfing branches of the company, Skywalk is now involved with an extraordinary flight adventure of a slightly different kind: The X-GLOO-Event Tent branch is now the sponsor of the BMX AIR TEAM.

X-GLOO, the Event Equipment branch of skywalk is now the sponsor of the young BMX AIR TEAM. BMX racing has been an Olympic discipline since the 2008 Peking Summer Olympic Games and nowcontinues to impress spectators of every age group, in Germany as well. Through their promotion of young talent in BMX racing, the tent manufacturer X-GLOO becomes a strong corporate social responsibility partner and shows accountable entrepreneurial behavior.

„It is important to us that our social environment shares in the success of our enterprise“, according to Thomas Allertseder, CFO of skywalk.

“After all, we do not exist on an island, but within a functioning social structure. We see a competent partner in the BMX AIR TEAM through their promotion of young talent in extreme sport that fits well with our young, dynamic enterprise and our products.”

Only those who can combine courage, highest concentration and perfect body control will experience success in this extreme sport. Whether in the „Race“ discipline or in the six „freestyle“ disciplines, BMX is always about spectacular flying: new tricks, faster, lighter, higher, more technically accomplished – attributes that the X-GLOO product development team focuses on daily. Thus, BMX and X-GLOO are now on the same team, since the same boldness for new, innovative and light cloth designs, patents and high technological demands for quality has assured the success of X-GLOO.

„BMX is currently one of the „hottest“ competitive sports in Germany. It combines coolness and fun with performance” says Everhard Uphoff, Head of Sales and Marketing of X-GLOO. „We fit together perfectly with our innovative Event Equipment. Our Event Tents also stand for Lifestyle, Fun and highest quality – simply said, a dream team!“

The BMX AIR TEAM gains a strong partner for its professional promotion of young talent with the manufacturer of the X-GLOO light-construction tent system. The race sport team uses the inflatable X-GLOO tent as a base station at numerous national and international competitions: Compiegne, France in April, Prague, Czech Republic in May, Winterthur, Switzerland and Birmingham, England in June and so on. For the BMX AIR TEAM Branding, the X-GLOO is not only a calm escape from the hubbub of the competition scene, it is also an effective eye-catcher.

„We were impressed by the simple setup and uncomplicated stabilisation system for any surface.“ cites Francisco Bähr, founder and CEO of the BMX AIR Racing Team. „We are underway all over the world, in all kinds of weather and the X-GLOO Igloo tent fits our needs perfectly: it packs small into the backpack, is light, weather-proof and can be setup by one person in only ten minutes – we are excited to have secured X-GLOO as our partner!” With their engagement in BMX Race Sport, X-GLOO shows that small and medium-sized businesses can be aware of their social responsibility as well.