The event agency open2enterprise has chosen the premium inflatable X-GLOO Event Tent from Skywalk for their various indoor- and outdoor events

Allgäuer Event Agency is impressed by the tent system from Skywalk.

„We were impressed by the weather resistance and uncomplicated stabilisation on any surface, whether asphalt, water, sand or snow, the X-GLOO stays grounded,“ according to Sascha Köhler. „As an event agency, we develop the most diverse of events with heart and soul, creativity and panache for businesses and private clients. We are trendsetters and want to electrify and create new impulses, so the X-GLOO is the perfect partner for us: smart and innovative in design and functionality. The unusual igloo-like appearance is an immediate attention-magnet – exactly what our clients want!“

open2enterprise has already used their X-GLOO Event Tent repeatedly since March – most recently at the event „Data 2.0 – Workshops, Show & Charity“ for the RTL-Children’s Charitable Trust. „We are happy to count open2enterprise as one of our clients. To have an experienced event agency depend on our allrounder proves that the X-GLOO Event Tent system is trendy, flexible, simple to set up and easily transportable!“, says Everhard Uphoff, Head of X-GLOO Sales & Marketing.

The robust tent system – wind speeds of up to 60 km/h are no problem for this inflatable tent – is available in all colors. This personalised variation is called the X-Pert. The X-GLOO Tent is also available in the color-bound X-Act variation, consisting of a black Matrix with silver Wall elements.

open2enterprise chose the X-Act variation and equipped its three black tents with silver Canopies. The Canopies are easily attached by zipper to the Matrix. The Canopy is also printable, provides additional useable area and adds a certain something to the tent.

The X-GLOO is available in 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6. Along with the Canopy-Accessories there are Side Walls – with or without Entrance or Window, as well as Tunnel elements. The Tunnel elements make it possible to combine as many event igloos as you desire, even of varying sizes. open2enterprise chose X-GLOOs with one silver Wall for each tent, to provide optimal wind protection. The Side Walls are attached using the same zipper method as the Canopy.