The Luxembourg Department of Commerce and Trade Board depended on the functionality and versatility of the X-GLOO Tent and its attractive branding options for their combined stand at the construction tradeshow

The X-GLOO enjoyed its debut in Dubai at the end of November 2011 at a major international construction tradeshow „The Big 5 Show”.

The joint stand of the Luxembourg Department of Commerce and Trade Board utilized the extraordinary aerodynamic design of the X-GLOO to get noticed at the most important tradeshow of the region. Along with 2000 co-exhibitors featuring over 30 000 different products, the seven Luxembourg-based enterprises were easily distinguished among the crowd:

„The X-GLOO Tent System completely won us over, as it allows you to create a functional and at the same time trendy tradeshow stand owing to the versatility of the system. It perfectly meets the requirements of a combined stand, “according to the client. „We were especially impressed by the flexible branding options that the X-GLOO Tent System offers: Without a large additional expense, we could offer a cost-efficient Canopy Banner for each of our seven clients printed with their respective logo – an excellent marketing solution for a combined, yet still individual tradeshow stand!”

The X-GLOO Event Tent impresses with light weight and simultaneous high stability: The Tent System can be easily transported in the Multifunction Transport Bag or Trolley and inflated with air in just minutes. It can be anchored on any surface, whether sand, water, snow or asphalt. Stabilization is achieved with the help of regular tent pegs or water ballast sacks. The X-GLOO can be used as a tradeshow stand or as a promotional tent out of doors, thanks to UV-resistant, water-repellent materials and can withstand wind speeds of up to 60 km/h.

„We are pleased to be able to impress the Board of Trade and Department of Commerce with the advantages of our innovative allrounder, “ according to Patrick Wittwer of Format, sales partner of X-GLOO Luxembourg. In Dubai, the combined businesses chose the 6x6 X-GLOO from among the four different available sizes,

connected by the matching Tunnel elements, expanding their total covered area to 156 m², sufficient space for the seven company presentations. The Tent System was then expanded with diverse Canopies, each equipped with a personalized Canopy Banner.

„X-GLOO offers another plus point through its clever element system: If additional companies should appear under the X-GLOO-Roof in the future, the printed Canopy Banners can simply be replaced by zipper method, “ according to Everhard Uphoff, Head of Sales and Marketing of X-GLOO Germany. If required, the tradeshow stand can also be expanded easily by attaching additional X-GLOOs, even of different sizes. If the next exhibition takes place outside, Side Walls can be ordered with or without the Window or Entrance Wall elements. These elements can be attached quickly and easily by zipper. The Side Walls can be personalized and make an attractive eye-catcher out of the X-GLOO!