Creating a high profile with the flexible allrounder from the Grassau tent manufacturer

The tent manufacturer continues to build upon its customer base: The Kiel Municipal Works chose the trendy X-GLOO Event Tent for their outdoor events.

„The X-GLOO is optimally suited for outdoor use, whether on sand, water, asphalt or grassy areas,“ according to Per Schwarz of X-GLOO-Partner DMS Norddisplay. „Our client was totally impressed with the flexibility in combination with the extensive color range and unlimited branding options the X-GLOO offers!“

The innovative material of this sleek tent with the igloo-like appearance has also been designed for in- and outdoor use. The X-GLOO combines chic design with clever function: the outside of the tent is water-repellent, UV-resistant and fulfills the CPAI-84/B1 fire protection norms. Thanks to the aerodynamic construction, this premium tent can withstand wind speeds of up to 60 km/h.

Simple handling is an additional plus point of the X-GLOO: the minimal weight makes the event tent a snap to transport and setup by one person takes place in only 10 minutes. The special construction of the lightweight tent is responsible for the easy handling: once inflated with air, the X-GLOO is stable without the permanent noise created by blowers.

The X-GLOO is available in the sizes 4x4m, 5x5m and 6x6m. Tunnel elements make it possible to connect as many individual X-GLOOs as you like. Even tents of different sizes can be combined. The event tent can be delivered with or without Side Walls, Entrance- or Window Elements, Canopy, Canopy Banner or Light Tube.

The X-GLOO is also available quickly in the X-Act variation in the colors white, blue, red or black or as a personalized X-Pert version: „With the X-Pert, all of the colors of the color guide are available to our clients“, says Everhard Uphoff, Head of Sales und Marketing X-GLOO Germany. Multi-color tent variations are also an option.

The Kiel Municipal Works selected the medium-sized 5x5 tent, with their own blue corporate color as a special color. Additionally, the logo of the municipal works was screen printed on the Roof and Side Walls, transforming the elegant event tent into a personalized marketing tool!