The French automobile manufacturer is impressed with the unique design and clever functionality of the X-GLOO

Skywalk is continuing on a course of expansion in France: with the addition of Citroen, the Grassau tent manufacturer can now count an additional automobile manufacturer among its established clientele. With two X-GLOOs in the sizes 5x5 and six premium tents in the size 6x6, Citroen is now equipped to build a regular X-GLOO tent city. „Our client was especially enthusiastic about the limitless branding options and the weatherproof quality of our event tent“, says Fabien Solignac of X-GLOO France. „UV-resistant, watertight, and wind-resistant in wind speeds up to 60 km/h – it is exactly the right choice for presenting automobiles with an „additional certain something“!“

The Citroen tents were branded on the Roof with screen printing and equipped with printed Side Walls. The Side Walls are a highlight: the inside and outside of the Wall can be branded differently thanks to the addition of a light-blocking inner foil, creating double the promotional surface. Thus, the tent becomes a perfect eye-catcher!

The lightweight tent, available in 4x4m, 5x5m and 6x6m can be printed with logos or images on the Canopy, Canopy Banner or Tubes. Branding takes place by sewn application, digital- or screen printing, therefore fully indulging the creativity of the client! These preconditions make the X-GLOO a magnetic promotional tool or tradeshow stand of an entirely different kind.

The X-GLOO is available in all standard- as well as all special colors. Citroen decided upon a white tent system, with flashy red air-filled supporting legs, the so-called „Tubes“.

Additional advantages of the X-GLOO Tent System: stabilization and setup are impressively simple – inflated with air in just minutes, the igloo-like tent is stable on any surface, whether sand, water, snow or asphalt. In addition, the appeal of the X-GLOO lies in the light weight with simultaneous high stability: easily transported in a multi-function Transport Bag or Trolley, it can be anchored with conventional tent pegs or water ballast sacks.

Generally, the X-GLOO is available in the quickly-deliverable X-Act version in the colors white, blue, red or black or as personalized X-Pert Version: „The X-Pert allows our clients to choose from any color in the color guide“ according to Everhard Uphoff, Head of Sales und Marketing X-GLOO Germany. Multi-colored combinations are also possible.

Accessories such as the inflatable X-Relax seating or lighting solutions round off the chic design of this premium tent. The X-Relax is also available in all colors and can be customized according to the CI-guidelines of the client.