The new certification attests to the comprehensive quality orientation of Skywalk with regard to entrepreneurial thinking and practice

The independent certification center SGS confirms that Skywalk, manufacturer of paragliders, surfkites and event tents, has fulfilled the ISO 9001 norms for an excellent quality management system.

„Our top priority at Skywalk is maintaining customer satisfaction and a consistent level of trust in our products“, says Manfred Kistler, CEO of product development at Skywalk. „With paragliders and surfkites, we are selling products that require the highest possible quality standards. Quality remains at the forefront with regard to our X-GLOO tent system as well: our event tents can be used in- and outdoors and therefore have to stand up to the widest variety of weather conditions imaginable! Thus, quality assurance defines a crucial part of our principles and is an integral part of all of our business processes!“

In order to communicate this outwards, the company executive board decided to introduce a comprehensive and multi-stage quality management system in 2011. The ISO 9001 certification for all three business sectors was initiated at Skywalk’s own wish and is the expression of a singular focus on quality. Enormous company growth from 28 employees in 2008 to over 40 in 2012, along with a rapid rise in sales inevitably led to a restructuring of the existing management- and process structures.

„A successful and comprehensive quality management system was the logical consequence of this new re-organisation“, according to Thomas Allertseder, CFO at Skywalk. Thanks to a highly functional organisational structure, the norm requirements were quickly implemented with regard to the management system as well as customer- and process orientation and the certification audit was successfully closed by the middle of 2012: Skywalk proved that the required conformities, specifications and parameters are clearly stipulated and their compliance will be examined at regular intervals. Moreover, the existing evaluation process of the management system has proved to be well-suited for guaranteeing the continual improvement of the processes.

The open and constructive company atmosphere stood out during the auditing process. A young, dynamic team works hand-inhand to guarantee the future success of Skywalk: committed athletes and design engineers from the aviation sector develop new and innovative products with materials developed in-house.

With the certified quality management system according to the international standard ISO 9001 not only does Skywalk prove to the public that quality-orientation determines each part of entrepreneurial thinking and practice, but also that quality management is the driving force for internal development and improvement of operational processes, in particular regarding customer satisfaction. Thus, the biannual review of targets is stipulated and the internal documentation process is optimised. The next auditing process is planned for 2015.