Outdoor Adventure Specialist uses the trendy lightweight tent in the Munich Olympic Stadium 

The tent manufacturer Skywalk has just expanded its German clientele base: the outdoor adventure specialist Parker Outdoor chose the black 5x5 X-GLOO with three trendy canopies. The lightweight tent can be be inflated quickly with air and stands securely on any surface. The aerodynamic X-GLOO is stabilised with a clever ballast system.

Parker Outdoor is using the attention getter X-GLOO for its Flying Fox station in the Munich Olympic park. The Flying Fox is unique world-wide: You can fly 200 meters through the stadium at a height of almost 40 meters!!

„The X-GLOO fulfills all the requirements that we have for a tent: easily transportable, quick and easy setup, and perfect for the outdoors thanks to the robust materials,“ says Alexander Kainbacher of Parker Outdoor. „Plus the X-GLOO is a real eyecatcher thanks to the chic and unusual design – exactly right for the one of a kind Flying Fox attraction!“.

The X-GLOO tent system is waterproof, UV-resistant and fulfills B1/CPAI-84-fire protection norms. Thus, it is highly suited for indoor use as well. The premium tent is available in the sizes 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 8x8.
Thanks to the extensive branding options, the X-GLOO is an attractive marketing tool: with screen- or digital printing or sewn application, the tents can be personalized with pictures or logos.

„Our clients can let their imagination run wild,“ according to Everhard Uphoff, Director of Marketing and Sales for X-GLOO. „The X-GLOO can be immediately transformed into a trendy CI-tool and our clients appreciate this!“

X-GLOO additionally offers the trendy seating X-Relax. The X-Relax is constructed with the same attention to design and functionality as the tent system: lightweightness, quick inflation, and personalizable.