The Chiemgau Tent Manufacturer Skywalk teams up with the outdoor kindergarten in Übersee 

Skywalk is now carrying out long-term testing on the inflatable X-GLOO Event Tent in cooperation with the outdoor kindergarten in Übersee, in the southern region of the Bavarian Alps. A 5x5m X-Gloo has been set up since October at the kindergarten site on the Westerbuchberg. The tent manufacturer from Chiemgau will be testing for signs of wear and tear resulting from long periods of use. Quality features such as waterproofness and resistance to UV -radiation will be examined. The stability of the tent, materials and flexibility of the lightweight tent will also be tested.

Up until now, the X-GLOO Tent System has primarily been used as a short-term solution for trade shows or marketing events, indoors and outdoors. However, the use of an X-Gloo tent during a recent cave rescue situation in Bavaria proved that the X-Gloo tent can also easily stand up to tough weather conditions for extended periods of time.

„Before we introduce a new accessory, element or material, it is important for us to see how it holds up when the X-Gloo is set up over long periods of time,” says Everhard Uphoff, Head of Marketing & Sales at X-GLOO. „Naturally, we could just test the tent at the Skywalk headquarters, but we get even more convincing results when the tent is tested under active use!“

The 5x5m X-Gloo provides approximately 25 qm of protection from wind, rain and UV-radiation. With the help of side walls, easily and quickly attached by zipper, the tent stays warm and dry for the kindergarten children. Currently, 22 children are playing, eating and enjoying their time outdoors under the aerodynamically formed tent.

„We are so happy about our new cooperation with Skywalk,“ says Ursula Kern, project initiator and director of the Association „Die Wurzelkinder e.V.”

“The X-Gloo provides a great shelter from the wind and weather, especially now with the approach of winter. And the light pack weight and quick and easy setup make it so comfortable to bring with us, wherever we decide to go. So the X-Gloo comes with us for weeks at a time, keeping the children warm and protected regardless of season or weather.”