The tent manufacturer from southern Germany honors the top X-GLOO dealers

Skywalk recently honored its top tent-dealers of 2014 with the X-GLOO Award. The extraordinary lightweight, inflatable X-Gloo tent is represented in over 40 countries by a network of 50 dealers who contribute with great élan and outstanding performance to the success of the X-Gloo Event Tent. This is the third time in a row that Skywalk has awarded the passion of its dealers with the X-GLOO Award in the following categories: Best International Performance, Best National Performance, Best Newcomer and Exceptional Performance.
The French X-GLOO dealer Up2 Events was chosen as the Best International Performer in 2014. The event outfitter has only been a part of the X-GLOO family since 2013 and has already achieved outstanding success in its second year. During the past few years the X-Gloo tent has become ever more prominent in the French market. “We are very happy to receive the X-GLOO Award for 2014 and we appreciate that our work is so valued“, said Yannick Arduin from Up2 Events.

The prize for the category „Best National Performance“ was awarded to La Concept, the Cologne-based partner in trade show booths and mobile trade show solutions, who previously accepted the award in 2012. „The X-Gloo tent is a strong product – the options for personalization and the simple handling are particularly big attractions for our clients“, according to Björn Schaper of La Concept. „We have big plans for 2015 as well!“

The Russian dealer ASK Group LLC was awarded „Best Newcomer“. Thanks to the impressive work by ASK, the inflatable tent has gotten off to a promising start in Russia. „The market share achieved in this short time is very satisfying,“ said Everhard Uphoff, Head of Marketing and Sales at X-GLOO. „especially when you consider that our Russian dealer has a considerable disadvantage to overcome with high additional costs!”

This year, there were two winners in the category „Exceptional Performance“. Both winners came from outside of Europe and had strong success in the face of difficult conditions. The South African dealer Core Event Structures has only been selling the X-GLOO Tent System since 2014 and has distinguished itself with special customer- and service-orientation. Media Systems from Canada, the second winner in this category, received the X-GLOO Award for winning an especially-large order. „Core Events Structures and Media Systems“, said Everhard Uphoff, Head of Marketing and Sales at X-GLOO, „have performed convincingly in 2014 and we are looking forward to a successful year with them both in 2015!“