Functional ballast accessories for the optimal stability of the X-Gloo Event Tent

Skywalk offers several functional stabilisation systems for the inflatable X-Gloo lightweight tent: The tent peg set is best suited for soft ground surfaces such as grass. All of the tent sizes, whether the small 4x4m X-Gloo, the 5x5m and 6x6m tent and even the 8x8m giant, can be anchored with the tent peg set.

For hard surfaces such as asphalt, glacier or for indoors, Skywalk has developed different ballast containers: The tent tubes and tension lines from the shoulder straps are stabilized with tube ballast. The customer can decide between smaller ballast sacks and large water ballast barrels, according to X-Gloo tent size and wind speed. For simplified handling, there is a standard size ballast sack as well as standard size water barrel. These standard accessories can be used for all of the different tent sizes. Additionally, wall ballast is available in order to lend the side walls more stability and prevent bulges. These elements can naturally also be used on soft ground surfaces such as grass or sand.

The filling method is identical for all of the tube- and wall ballast elements. Here too, X-GLOO offers customers optimal flexibility: Thanks to the washbasin connection (included in delivery), the ballast elements can be filled with water quickly and easily. A full water ballast sack weighs about 25 kg. Alternatively, the ballast sacks can be filled outdoors with sand or stones. When using this solution, it is important to first remove the bladder from ballast container, in order to prevent any damage from abrasion.

Wall Ballasts (200cm x 16cm) can be quickly and easily attached by toggle to the tent wall. Up to three ballasts per wall, according to tent size, provide stable anchoring of the X-Gloo Event Tent.To transport the ballast simply use the handles provided for this purpose. A video demonstrating their use can be found here: Video – Wall Ballast.

Tube Ballasts (50cm x 44cm x 27cm) provide sufficient stability for the X-Gloo sizes 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6. Additional ballast, according to tent size and wind speed, can be connected with the toggle on top or next to existing ballast. The ballast is locked into place using the multifunction clips on the tube ends. A video demonstrating their use can be found here: Video – Tube Ballast.

In addition to the ballast sacks, X-Gloo offers large water ballast barrels. These function particularly well for the giant 8x8m X-Gloo, but can also be used for the smaller sized tents, especially when the wind is really blowing. With the water ballast barrels, X-Gloo has introduced a multifunctional ballast element to the market which at a height of 46cm enjoys an added function as trendy seating! The barrel is made „socially presentable“ with a digitally-printable cover that meets the same high standards in material and design as the X-Gloo premium tent. The cover can be quickly pulled over the filled barrel and closed with the zipper. Video tutorial and operating instructions can be found at Video – Using the Ballast Barrel.

„Our clients can also have the barrel cover individually printed with logo and lettering” according to Everhard Uphoff, Head of Marketing and Sales at X-GLOO. „The personalisable event tent therefore gets additional eye-catching accessory in the extraordinary X-Gloo Style“.

The water ballast barrel has a diameter of 46cm and can hold a maximum of 80 liters of water. The barrel weighs 3,5 kg when empty. Two non-return valves provide the necessary pressure balance when filling with water and make it possible for one person to fill the barrel in just minutes. Four welded and stitched handles provide maximal stability during transport by two people. Alternatively, only one person is needed to tip the barrel and roll it along the edge to the tent site.

The water barrels are attached by shackle to the stainless steel grommets. Two ballast barrels can be attached directly to the grommet on the foot of the tube. The number of barrels required depends on the wind speed at the setup site. When using more than two water barrels, you must attach them using the anti-slip mat.

The water barrel is constructed from matte-black PVC with a hard plastic reinforcement on the bottom, for protection against abrasion. The anti-slip mat, made from PVC, provides for better stability and additional protection.

Positioned on the ground under the tent feet and barrels, the anti-slip mat enables the optimal connection between the shackle and grommet.