Skywalk teams up with Wechselszene Sports Promotion at the Sixtus Schliersee Alpen Triathlon and Chiemsee Triathlon Event

This year, Wechselszene Sports Promotion, the event organizer of the German-Austrian Triathlon Series „AlpenASS“, once again chose the inflatable X-GLOO Event Tent for different events. The X-GLOO lightweight tent scored points in flexibility and user-friendliness at the Sixtus Schliersee Alpen Triathlon on June 13th, as well as at the Chiemsee Triathlon on the 28th of June.

Both of these major events, which are part of the German-Austrian Triathlon Series „AlpenASS” enjoy huge popularity among the participants, spectators and sponsors. This is the fourth time that triathlon junkies have gathered together in the region: More than 500 athletes from Germany, Spain and even Canada competed in the 1,5 km long swim course, followed by 34 km on the bike saddle and an 11 km run to the finish line. More than 900 participants and 6,000 spectators were on hand for the Chiemsee Triathlon (2 km swim, 80 km cycle, 21 km run).

The trendy X-GLOO Tent from the Chiemgau manufacturer Skywalk was right in the thick of things. In a cooperation with Skywalk, the event organizer Wechselszene Sports Promotion had three 6x6 X-GLOOS in action. In the finish area, the igloo-like event tent created shelter from the sun and rain for the competition participants.

„The X-GLOO Tent meets all of our needs“, says Sven Hindl, general manager of Wechselszene Sports Promotion. „Everything has to run like clockwork at our events, so the simple setup and flexibility that the X-GLOO system offers was just perfect for us!”

Thanks to the light weight and simple operation, the X-GLOO Event Tent is highly suited for major outdoor events like the Schliersee and Chiemsee Triathlons. Easily transported in the trolley or backpack, the X-GLOO event tent is available with a variety of clever anchoring options which allow it to be secured on any ground surface: Anchored with water ballast barrels, the chic allrounder stands securely on asphalt and can handle winds of up 60km/h. On sand or grass the premium tent can be anchored with the tent peg set. The tent material is waterproof, UV-resistant and fulfills the B1/CPAI-84-fire protection standard.