All X-GLOO tent sizes (4×4, 5×5, 6×6, and 8×8) and elements with the X-GLOO demo tent design are available for rental.



• For each tent tent package rented (includes canopy and side walls), the customer is required to pay 100,-€ for each
day the products are used. The minumum rental period is 2 days.
• An additional deposit of 300,-€ must also be paid which will be refunded at the time that the products are returned
to X-GLOO.
• The customer is required to pay all shipping costs.
• All costs must be paid in advance.
• The costs for any necessary repairs or replacement of missing products will be charged directly to the customer or
deducted from the deposit fee.
• On-site instruction for tent setup, use, and care is available at the cost of 200,-€ per day.
• If the customer chooses to purchase a tent within 6 months of the rental date, the costs of the rental will go toward
their purchase.

This program applies to customers with a German PLZ of 0 und 8.