You have been selected by an international jury to receive the red dot for your outstanding design achievements. This design award provides you with a label of the highest quality and international repute – characteristics guaranteed by the Design Zentrum.


In order to preserve the excellent reputation and quality of the design award, its identity and value are to be ensured by uniform international presentation and quality. This information, which shows you how the winner label is to be deployed, is an aid in ensuring that uniformity. We would request you to follow the rules for handling of the red dot, and would be pleased if you and all the other winners who actively market their awards found it of assistance.



Which label variant is the correct one to usedepends on the relevant production process. In offset or intaglio printing, the screened half-tone label variant with 3D effect should be used. In forms of presentation which require a line drawing, such as embroidery, screen printing or flexographic printing, the full tone version of the label is to be used. Please consult your printer or label producer to clarify the selection of the label variant.



The original red dot label consists of the colors red and black. The spiral follows a course which gives the label its three dimensional effect. In the black and white implementation, the word “dot” is presented in a 60% shade of grey.



red HKS 14 C: 0M: 100 Y: 100K: 0
black C: 0M:0Y: 0K:10060%
grey C: 0M:0Y: 0K: 60



The red dot is always placed on a white background. When the label is reproduced on a coloured background or a background which is not white (e.g. a photo motif), the label is to be enclosed in a white rectangular frame. The distance between the side edges of the rectangle and the outside edges of the label contents is to be equal to the height of a lower case letter in the bottom line of the label.



When the red dot label is reproduced with a diameter less than 1 cm, a variant with thicker white lines is to be used, to prevent the coloured surfaces from merging in the printing process. The half-tone variant or full-tone variant (linedrawing) of the label is to be used as required for the particular printing process.



Please note that “red dot” (and its compositions) is always written as two words in any text and must in no case be set in black/red.