• Do not exceed the specified maximum air pressure.
  • The X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent is not intended for long-term outdoor use and should be inspected for wear or damage after every event.
  • If small folds form inside the Tubes when inflating, it is helpful with the larger tents to gently shake the Tube during the inflation process. This will help keep the inner Bladder in the correct position assuring proper inflation.
  • The Event Tent should be deflated in winds exceeding 60 km/h (The first sign of overload is when the Roof begins to compress). When high wind force is expected (gusts of more than 50-60 km/h for the 4×4, 5×5, or 6×6 models; and more than 40 km/h for the 8×8) the tent must be secured and anchored.

Please note: If Side Walls are completely zipped in to a 6×6 tent, a force of almost 500 kg is the result. For this reason, please pay special attention to the following points:

    According to the ground surface, you may require longer or additional stabilisation materials.

  • Additionally, you must attach Anchoring Lines/Webbing to all Shoulder Loops (found on the outside of each Tube)!
  • Our smaller Tube Ballasts (ideal for use on hard ground surfaces) may not be sufficient for securing your tent against strong wind gusts. Refer to our Wind Resistance Certificate to determine whether Water Ballast Barrels are required.
  • Winds stronger than 60 km/h can lead to structural damage of the tent and this damage is no longer covered by the warranty.
  • If weather conditions deteriorate dramatically, all Overpressure Valves should be opened immediately and the tent deflated. Additionally, the deflated tent should be weighted down.
  • In general, the Protective Strips on the bottom of the Tubes are exposed to more wear and tear on rough surfaces due to the movement of the tent from wind.


Keep the X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent away from open fires and heat sources.

    • DIN 4102-B1 (Abb.: B1) Controls testing and requirements on the reaction to fire of building materials. German norm, used in most European countries.
    • CPAI 84-95, Section 6  Specification of the American Association of Sailcloth Materials for the assessment of flame-retardant materials used in (event-) tents. Due to the fact that the the X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent is in use worldwide at tradeshows as an innovative event tent, we reserve the right not to certify the tent according to the national norms of each country. The certification according to CPAI 84 fulfills the international requirements for flame resistance in tent products and includes similar test criteria like DIN 4102-B1 or NFP 92501-7M2.
  • When the Event Tent is used in sandy terrain, avoid getting sand grains in the Tubes or in the Pump.
  • Keep the valves free of sand and dirt particles and clean them if necessary, since this can cause faulty operation and pressure loss.
  • The Event Tent can be damaged by the penetration of sharp objects (e.g. knives, tools) in the Tubes causing leakage and loss of pressure. Handle with appropriate care.
  • Avoid extreme variations in temperature (day and night) or long-term use. This can lead to loss of air pressure, requiring reinflation of the Tubes.
  • Procedure in the case of pressure loss:
    • FIRST close all valves TIGHTLY!
    • If pressure loss continues, blow out the Overpressure Valves to remove all dust or dirt particles.
    • If pressure loss still continues, the quickest solution is to remove the Bladder and replace it, as a damaged Bladder is likely the cause.
    • If the damage can be found from the outside and the damaged area is smaller than 1 cm -> Apply the Adhesive Repair Patch from the Repair Kit.
    • If the damaged area cannot be found, spray some soap suds onto the inflated Bladder surface so that the escaping air bubbles are visible and the damage can be located. Then apply the Adhesive Repair Patch to repair the Bladder.



  • Avoid pressure spots (e.g. do not lean on the Event Tent with your knees while folding it).
  • Store the Event Tent in a dry location and at temperatures not exceeding 40° celsius.
  • Do not pack or store the Event Tent when damp or wet, since this can cause the formation of mold spots and discoloration.
  • At temperatures lower than 0° celsius, folding can lead to damage of the components. Take special care with the Window Walls in low temperatures and pack them carefully.
  • Never store the Event Tent in an automobile in direct sunlight. The intense heat can cause the Window Walls to stick together irreversibly, or may cause permanent damage to the cloth.

Important information for digitally printed parts! Digital printed Elements must be stored in dry condition!
CAUTION: If the Elements are stored while still damp, the ink from the printed material can bleed and the printing can become permanently damaged! We are unable to accept liability.


Maintenance, Cleaning, Repair

All kinds of repairs can be done in our workshop in Marquartstein or in the Service Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. We can also take care of special requests (additional straps, velcro strips, etc.) at our facility.

  • Maintenance and repair should be carried out only by X-GLOO or by an authorized Service Center.
  • The X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent should be periodically inspected for chafe marks and damage and promptly repaired.
  • In order to avoid damage of the material coating, first attempt to remove dirt and stains using a soft, dry brush or microfiber cloth. Only if necessary use a small amount of mild alkaline solution mixed with water. Avoid the use of solvents, washing machines or steam cleaning.
  • Re-waterproofing is not possible.



  • Bleaching of the material is possible with extended UV exposure (e.g. at high altitude or extended setup time). White wall material tends to yellow from UV exposure, and is easily stained when contacted with dust and dirt. All of the materials currently implemented in the X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent have been subjected to extensive material testing. It is practically impossible to state when exactly a color change could become visible, since the influencing factors vary strongly. However: All cloths change in color with extensive UV exposure! According to expert knowledge, with proper care the X-Gloo will show only minimal color change after many years of use. The range of use will not be limited.
  • The materials used (and therefore, the entire tent) are waterproof.