Your logo is plotted and stitched into the Wall in the original spinnaker cloth colors. For available colors, please see our Color Chart.

  • Specifics
    • long life
    • robust
    • weather resistent
    • single and multiple colors
    • dependent upon available spinnaker cloth colors
  • Use

    • on all X-Pert Walls (Entrance-, Window-, Standard- and Dividing Walls)
    • X-Pert Canopies and Canopy Banner
    • X-Pert Tunnel Parts

Branding Datas

For Sewn Application, please enter your data in the branding templates.

  • vectorised graphics (*.eps or *.ai or *.pdf data)
  • fonts (lettering) should be converted to vectors/curves
Remarks: With sewn application on different cloths, there can be an overlapping of ca. 5 – 10 cm in the seam area. A color change can occur according to thecolor combinations especially in the area of the overlap.