Screen Printing belongs to the classic applying graphics to cloth. A screen is made from the backing material with a template of the graphic and color is applied by a roller. When the graphic is composed of more than one color, the colors are applied one after another. A separate screen is used for each color. Screen Printing is recommended when printed quantity is high, due to the cost of preparing the screens.

  • Specifics
    • true colors
    • robust
    • abrasion-resistant
    • recommended for simple graphics without color gradations and complex shading
  • Application
    • on X-Pert Dach
    • on X-Pert Tubes
    • and on all X-Pert Walls
    • on X-Pert Canopies and Canopy Bannern
    • on X-Pert Tunnel Parts
    • on X-Relax

Branding Templates

For Screen Printing, please enter your data in the branding templates.

  • vectorized graphics (*.eps or*.ai or *.pdf data)
  • writing should be converted to vectors/curves
  • please designate Colors in Pantone Colors (color reference: Pantone Matching System solid coated).
Remarks: We cannot guarantee 100 % that your original color tone (HKS, RAL, PANTONE, PROOF) can be achieved, whether with screen- or digital. Color variations are possible and cannot be accepted by Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG as claims.