• Avoid pressure spots (e.g. do not lean on the tent with your knees while folding the tent up).
  • Store the X-GLOO in a dry location and at temperatures not exceeding 40° celsius.
  • Do not pack or store the X-GLOO in moist conditions, since this can cause the formation of mold spots and discoloration.
  • At temperatures lower than 0° celsius, folding under pressure can lead to damage of the components. Take special care with the Window Wall elements in low temperatures and pack them carefully.
  • Never store the X-GLOO in an automobile in direct sunlight. The intense heat can cause the window elements to stick together irreversibly, or may cause permanent damage to the cloth.


Important information for digitally printed parts! Digital printed elements must be stored in dry condition!
CAUTION: If the elements are store while still damp, the digital printing inks from the printed material can rub together and the printing can become permanently damaged! We are unable to accept liability.