Digital Printing is realized through the mixing together of four high-quality print colors(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key [Black] = CMYK). All complex graphics and photos can be printed digitally.

Especially recommended for small printing quantities and special photo printing.

  • Important Information
    • Dye-sublimation printing is applied to white fabric. When light shines through this fabric, the print will be visible with a lighter opacity on the back (unprinted) side.
    • Through the printing process, slight variations* in color may occur.

Branding Templates | data transmission

Please ask for our Branding Templates.

  • scale is 1:10
  • please convert fonts and graphics into paths
  • image data with 700-1000 dpi
  • save as open Illustrator data
  • please send your data by X-GLOO Channel
Remarks: We cannot guarantee 100 % that your original color tone (HKS, RAL, PANTONE, PROOF) can be achieved, whether with screen- or digital printing. Color variations are possible and cannot be accepted by Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG as claims (especially important when matching Wall color to Roof color). In the case of digital printing, we recommend request of a proof on the original spinnaker cloth in format 1×1 m. Graphic design costs will be invoiced separately.
**With a digitally printed Roof application, the black or white stitching can be seen along the edge. With logos which are not rectangular or round, we must add a background piece of material with the color most closely matching the Roof color. The color references above apply. Due to the stitching, we cannot guarantee 100% waterproofness. Claims are excluded in this case.