Starting in 2014, all X-Gloo tents sold may receive an annual Free Tent Check performed by the distributor or by X-GLOO.


• Visual check of all delivered products and parts
• Examination of the products to determine the need for any minor repairs
• Leak test of all Tube Bladders (product must remain inflated for 24h without any visible loss of air)
• Visual check of sewing and fabric
• Valve tests (inflation and overpressure valves)
• Assessment of wearing parts (Protection Strips for example)
• Documentation of the Tent Check



• After the Tent Check, the client will receive the documented report on the condition of their X-Gloo tent and, if
necessary, an estimated cost for repairs.
• The client is responsible for bearing the cost of any necessary repairs.
• After the Tent Check, all products will be returned to the client and will be ready for use.
• Please understand that during the peak season (March-September) there may be some delays in the Tent Check process.
• The client is responsible for arranging and paying for product shipping and assumes all shipping risks.
• This program is available worldwide.
• An appointment is necessary when sending three or more X-Gloo tents for a tent check. Please call X-GLOO or your
local distributor to schedule an appointment.

If you wish to take advantage of this service, please contact your local distributor or X-GLOO at 0049 (0)8641 694860.