• These quantity discounts are valid starting February 15, 2014.
• The quantity discounts shown above apply only to the sale of X-Gloo2 tents, Elements, accessories,
and Branding (excluding Digital Printing).
• Quantity Discounts are in addition to the agreed basic discount (see example below).
• The entire order must be for the same Client.
• X-GLOO does not require that all tents in the sale be of the same size and/or design for
quantity discounts to apply.
• Not valid for X-Gloo1 tents (Clearance Sale or X-Pert).


If your contract discount is 30%, and the total value of your order (minus digital printing costs) is €1,000, your discount will be €1,000 minus 30% minus 3%, not €1,000 minus 33%. So, in this example your final cost would be €679.