Product Features


The X-Gloo Event Tent is an inflatable, modular, and lightweight tent system with a functional design. Thanks to the aerodynamic form, high-tech materials, and clever stabilization system, it is perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use, wind-stable, waterproof, and fulfills the B1 fire protection norm. Four tent sizes with footprints of up to 8×8 meters make the X-Gloo the ideal presentation platform for any situation or location. The X-Gloo is individually customizable and reduces to a surprisingly-small pack volume for easy transport and storage.


Product Advantages


The high-quality craftsmanship of the X-Gloo Event Tent is reflected through simple operation, minimal weight with small packing dimensions, and quick setup and take down. Once inflated with air, the lightweight tent stands securely on nearly any surface. The Building-Block System upon which the tent is designed makes it possible to quickly change each individual component—such as the roof or tubes—to achieve almost any design or color combination. Tunnel elements provide the solution for easily attaching multiple X-Gloos to form a modular tent city!


Customer Benefits


The flexible X-Gloo Event Tent ensures maximal attention and brand exposure—the tent is an extraordinary image carrier for any event. Save on staff, time and money with this unique tent solution. Thanks to the X-Gloo’s modularity and ease of use, you have more freedom when choosing your tent size and setup location.


USP Definition X-GLOO


The X-Gloo Event Tent is the flexible and lightweight solution perfect for any event, and provides the desired attention with limitless customization and color options, while saving on staff and time. The X-Gloo is the perfect presentation platform with tent footprints starting at 4x4m going up to infinitely large tent cities!