At X-GLOO, we believe that open communication between us and all of our distributors makes for more knowledgeable team members and for a better sales experience for customers—both of which can only help to increase sales. When we met with our distributor network at the International Sales Meeting this past February we heard that a lot of you agreed with this and specifically were interested in a way to communicate with one another for the chance to share knowledge and resources – one of the reasons we have launched this forum.

One very important way we can all share information with one another is through our International Brands list. This list contains the production files for a number of brands which can be used when approaching new clients. Trying to sell to Skoda, Nike, or Garmin in your area? This gives you the opportunity to show the client that there is no need to go to committee for a design – one has already been approved and is ready to go to production. In a lot of cases this means precious time saved between the time of your meeting with them until their event.

Where do you find the list of available brands? Look under the Service Tab here in the X-Gloo partner lounge. Scroll down and click on Branding. The list of available brands is listed on the right-hand side directly beneath the Branding Templates.

Have you recently sold to a client which you would like to add to this list? Simply fill out our international brands consent form and email it back to us when you send approval for the graphic files. After we go to production with your customer’s tents we will add the final production files to the list. If you have a 3D visualization which you could share along with the production files, that’s even better! Simply forward us screenshots and/or a link and we will make sure that they are made available.

Don’t see the brand you are looking for on the list? Send us an email or give us a call and we will give you the contact information for any distributor or distributors who have sold to that brand in their area. You can then contact them directly to see if it would be possible for you to use their production files. Despite having this as an option we do hope that we can continue to add brands to the list published in the partner lounge. The more the international brands list grows, the more resources that each of you will have when approaching new clients.

We want to say thanks to Art of Display out of Ontario, Canada who recently gave us approval to include Char-Broil in the international brands list (preview shown to the right)! These files will be available for download soon.

And on the topic of communication and sharing – we are always looking for new testimonials from X-GLOO customers or photos of their tents in use. If you receive either of these from your clients we would love it if you would share them with us for use in the X-Gloo catalog or in other marketing materials. And just like with the international brands sharing, the more we receive the more we can share with all of you to help make your next X-GLOO sale.

Thanks to SI Retail (Australia) for sending us the photo on the right of a great-looking Infiniti tent which they sold recently.