Starting immediately, Canopies for X-Gloo2 tents feature a new design in which the short, inflatable strut tube has been replaced with two collapsible carbon battens. The front tube, which forms the shape of the canopy, remains in the design.

This change makes the Canopies more stable when exposed to wind and weather. The removal of the strut tube also makes the space beneath the Canopy feel larger and makes determining the source of a leak easier in the case of air loss. Finally, this change means a cleaner design of the Canopy Banner because there is no-longer a curved cutout at the top to fit around the strut tube.

Beyond the removal of the strut and modification of the Canopy Banner shape, nothing changes. The pricing for both Canopies and Canopy Banners remains unchanged. The entrance sizes of the Canopies remain unchanged. There is no change in how they connect to the tent or how the Canopy Banner is zipped in.

For those of our distributors who have purchased one or more Canopies or Canopy Banners for an X-Gloo2 demo tent and have received the design which includes an inflatable strut tube, we ask you to please contact our customer service team and they will arrange for you to receive new items free of charge to ensure that you are promoting the most recent version of the products.

How to Connect a Canopy to an X-Gloo2 Tent

1: Prepare the upper battens by connecting the two ends.

2: Insert the one of the upper battens into each of the two sleeves built into the Canopy by first opening the Velcro found on one end of the sleeve. Close the Velcro tab after each batten is installed.

3: Attach the Canopy to the X-Gloo, making sure that the battens are facing the ground.

4: Make sure that the cover for the overpressure valve is firmly closed and then inflate the front tube. While inflating, lift the front tube to allow air to enter the full length of the tube.


Connecting the two ends of an upper batten.



Inserting an upper batten into a sleeve. Note the open Velcro tab.



One sleeve on the Canopy with the upper batten in place and Velcro tab closed.

X-GLOO_CanopyRedesign-1New X-Gloo2 Canopies are shipped with new upper battens which must be installed prior to connecting the Canopy to the X-Gloo.X-GLOO_CanopyRedesign-6

The front opening of the Canopy remains unchanged. However the lack of a strut tube makes the space beneath the Canopy feel larger.




As shown here, the two new upper battens are much less obstructive than the strut tube used previously.




The Canopy Banner has also been redesigned. The cutout which formerly went around the strut tube has been removed.



Download as PDF: Redesign for X-Gloo2 Canopies