What to know about white

We would like to bring to your attention a complaint that we received recently from an X-Gloo customer. This customer had purchased an X-Gloo with one unprinted wall and one digitally-printed wall. The entire tent – roof, tubes, and both walls – was white (the digitally-printed wall was partially printed with only a logo in the middle). The customer was concerned that their all-white tent didn’t appear all-white, and that the color of the digitally-printed wall was significantly different than the unprinted wall.

These color differences are a result of the fact that we use a variety of different materials in the construction of X-Gloo tents – we have special materials we use for the tent roof (NS 476), tubes (DACRON), unprinted walls (40D-N-RIP), and digitally-printed walls (Idroresina). While we have tried to find materials which match with one another, the material for the tubes has a slight yellow hue and the material for digitally-printed walls has a coating on the back which can give it a stronger yellow hue.

Most of the time the differences in appearance will not be noticed by the customer. However in cases like the one above the different hues do become noticeable. In order to try and prevent this and to make sure that white X-Gloo tents appear white, we will recommend the use of Spinnaker material for digitally-printed walls instead of the typical Idroresina in cases where:

– a digitally-printed wall with a partial print is ordered with an un-printed white wall

– a digitally-printed wall with a partial print is ordered with a tent with a white roof

The choice of whether to use Spinnaker or to stay with Idroresina will, of course, remain with you and your customer.

One thing to be aware of regarding walls made from Spinnaker material is that the print is more susceptible to being damaged through folding or packing while wet.  Particular care must be taken that these parts are totally dry before packing and storing.

New material and print samples are being mailed out this week, so if you wish to accurately see the differences in color please refer to the samples when you receive them.

Why can’t one material be used for all parts of the X-Gloo tent?

We are always trying to reduce the number of materials we use on our tents (more on this later this year), but the fact is that different parts of the tent require materials with different physical qualities and we will likely never get down to using just one material.

Do both the front and the back of the material used for digital printing have the yellow hue?

No. The side of the material that is printed upon is a very neutral white. Only the back side which carries the coating has the yellow hue. However, light shining through the material can create a translucent effect where the yellow coating is visible on the printed side. This effect is more noticeable on a partially-printed wall.

What about materials for TTF printing or screen printing?

These two print methods are used on roof materials or on what is described here as ‘unprinted wall’ material.

customerTentThe wall seen at the back of the X-Gloo tent in this photo shows how the yellowish coating on the digital-print material can shine through the material.

White swatchesSamples of all white-colored material used for X-Gloo tents.