The X-Gloo premium tent is now available with full-surface digital printing on the roof, canopy and connection elements



    Marquartstein, February 1, 2015 – Skywalk is now offering high-resolution full-surface dye-sublimation printing on the X-Gloo roof, canopy and connection elements. Thus, the event tent manufacturer from Germany‘s Chiemgau region expands the scope of this print method, previously only available on the tent walls and banners, and optimizes the palette of branding options. Personalization requirements and CI specifications can now be implemented with even more precision and speed.


    „Our X-GLOO customers profit in many ways from the use of dye-sublimation printing“, said Manfred Kistler, technical business director at X-GLOO. „For example, with full-surface digital printing we can offer tents in special colors with less lead time and surcharge! So the customer is rewarded with a more costeffective solution and quicker delivery times!“


    Dye-sublimation satisfies the high quality standards of X-GLOO in every respect, while meeting all of the features of the event tent such as waterproofness, UV-robustness, B1-fire protection norm and resistance to bleaching.


    „The event business is known for being a pressure cooker with a lot of strong competition“, according to Everhard Uphoff, Head of Marketing & Sales at X-GLOO. „The addition of dye-sublimation to our printing options allows us to react better and to provide our customers with a high-quality marketing tool with even shorter lead times—and that with guaranteed stronger attention-getting effect, since the X-Gloo is and remains an extraordinary eye-catcher!“


    The improvement to branding completes the in-2014-optimized X-GLOO Tent System with its clever technical details, new service features such as the free tent check, as well as the flexible block-building system with removable roof and replaceable tubes! With these features, the lightweight, inflatable X-Gloo tent will continue to rise above cheap copies coming out of the Pacific Asian region.


    Naturally, X-GLOO continues to offer time-tested screen printing and thermal-transfer foil printing as additional print options.