+ Well suited for both indoor and outdoor use.
+ Perfect as a backdrop, sponsor board, or presentation wall.
+ Versatile through the ability to change the wall design in minutes by removing and replacing the vibrant, high-quality Wall Print.
+ Easily stored along with all of its accessories in the provided Trolley for easy transport.
+ Simple for one person to set up in only a few minutes.


=> the perfect display solution … and the right choice for your event!

Included with each X-GLOO Inflatable Display Wall: Inflatable Frame, Wall Print, Bag for Wall Print, Anchoring Lines and Line Tensioners, Trolley, Hand Pump, User‘s Manual and Repair Patches. The Display Wall and its accessories all fit in the provided wheeled Trolley for easy transport. The Display Wall is offered in Indoor and Outdoor Packages:

INCLUDED WITH OUTDOOR PACKAGE Inflatable Support and Connection Bolts, Fill Hose, Peg Set

Optional ACCESSORIES: Electric Pump, Protection Foil, Water Ballast Barrels, Mesh Wall Print




Exterior Side Length (m [ft/in])4,0 [13‘ 2“]5,0 [16‘ 5“]6,0 [19‘ 8“]7,85 [25‘ 9“]
Entrance Height (m [ft/in])1,92 [6‘ 4“]2,4 [7‘ 10“]3,0 [9‘ 10“]3,70 [12‘]
Total Height (m [ft/in])2,50 [8‘ 2“]3,00 [9‘ 10“]3,57 [11‘ 8“]5,00 [16‘ 5“]
Tube Diameter (cm [ft/in])25 [10“]31 [12“]37 [14“]43 [17“]
Covered Surface Area (m2 [ft2])7,23 [77.82]11,30 [121.63]16,27 [175.12]30,3 [326.15]
Weight (kg [lbs])13,3 [29.32]18,80 [41.45]25,5 [56.22]42 [92.60]
Setup Time Hand Pump15 min23 min30 min
Setup Time Electric5 min10 min15 min25 min

HIGH QUALITY – The rugged PVC Inflatable Frame is the backbone of the versatile Display Wall. With durable welded seams and connection points, it is built for a long life of repeated use.

VIBRANT COLOR – The Wall Print is dye-sublimation printed, offering brilliant, high-quality reproduction of your image or message. Plus, the choice of different materials for the Wall Print opens the door for various uses.

QUICK TO SETUP – Your time is precious. This is why we made sure that the Display Wall can be set up quickly — in only 2-10 minutes depending on which pump you use.

ALL-WEATHER CONSTRUCTION – Rain or snow? No problem. The stainless-steel hardware on the Inflatable Frame resists rusting and the high-quality printing is colorfast.

STEADY ON ANY SURFACE – Anchoring options including the Peg Set, Water Ballast Barrels and the Inflatable Support allow the Display Wall to be set up on nearly any ground surface.

WIND STABLE – The available anchoring options and an alternative mesh material for the Wall Print (offering improved air pass-through) ensure that the Display Wall will stay put in locations with high winds.

UV RESISTANT – The high-quality print is UV resistant, which means vibrant colors stay vibrant.