X-GLOO offers new dimensions
to bring your Inflatable Event Tent to life!


Select your desired product and size!

A tent size range from 4x4 to 8x8 meters allows you to design the perfect space for any event.

But, if you need more flexibility, the CITY option gives you the ability to place multiple tents, connect them, and create a city-sized space for your next event. (Try it now!)


Assemble your own unique Event Tent by choosing from a variety of optional Elements!

Discover the possibilities offered by the  Inflatable Event Tent; including Standard-, Window- and Entrance Walls, Canopies for increasing the covered area, and double-sided wall printing for adding your branding to the inside and outside of your display area.

With these available options, your X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent is built to suit your specific needs.  (Try it now!)


Customize your Event Tent with any colors you choose!

There are no limits when it comes to specifying the colors of your Inflatable Event Tent and Elements—choose from our range of standard colors or from any color in the Pantone color spectrum.

This means that your Event Tent can be designed to accurately match the colors in your corporate identity, with a high-quality dye-sublimation printing process guaranteeing brilliant color results. (Try it now!)

Upload your logos, graphics, or photos to put the finishing touches on your design!

Whether classic and discreet with just your logo, or adorned with large graphic backgrounds or images from your own photo library, your X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent will always be a distinctive original.

The X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent is an eye-catcher, which is imbued with your brand and product, and presents it brilliantly. (Try it now!)

Give your Event Tent a sense of scale, and plan the use of your space!

Under Decor, you will find ground surface textures, people, furniture, flags, vehicles, and more—objects that bring a sense of scale to your selected product, and that can help give you an idea of how the available space can be used.

Plus, these objects help show a more complete scene, if you are planning on presenting a design concept to others. (Try it now!)

Save your design and share it with X-GLOO!

We would be happy to discuss your project with you without a sales commitment! Send us the link that is generated after clicking the share icon, and we will respond to you within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have, and to discuss the details and costs of your product to ensure that it is perfectly realized for your event.

The saved design for your Event Tent will be stored in your account for 2 weeks, and can be updated, refreshed, and added to as needed during this period. Each time you open your saved design, the 2-week save period is reset. (Try it now!)

As a guest without the ability to save

‘Log in’ with the default username and password shown

As a new user

‘Create’ your own account by entering your email address and choosing a password

As a registered user

‘Log in’ with your existing username/email address and password.


X-GLOO Creative Event Equipment | Brand of Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG.

Below is an overview of how to use this tool—with video and written instructions.

Left-hand menu

BACKGROUND: Left click to change the background.

LIGHT: Red indicates that the LED Light Kit is included in the model, grey indicates it is not. Toggle by clicking this button.

DETAILS: Clicking on this button cycles through close-up views of various product features.

MEASUREMENTS: Clicking this button with show or hide a variety of product specifications.

BRANDING: Clicking this button will open a menu on the right, where you will see an ‘Upload graphics’ button at the top. Here you can upload images (png, jpg, gif) for branding your product. Uploaded files shown in the menu can be deleted by clicking on the ‘X’ button.

DECOR: Clicking this button will open a menu on the right, which includes a variety of people, furniture, vehicles, and more which can be added to give your product a sense of scale.

SAVE: Clicking this button will open a menu on the right, where you will see a ‘Save’ button at the top. Click this button to save your model. After your design is saved, click on the triangular ‚share‘ icon to get a link that you can copy and share, or on the ‘X’ button to delete your design.

Clicking the ‘SEND’ button under the generated link will send your saved design and your email address directly to the X-GLOO Authorized Partner nearest you, or to the X-GLOO head office. Your designs will be saved for 2 weeks, and can be re-opened for viewing or editing during this time. Each time you re-open the design, the length of time that your design will be saved is extended by another 2 weeks.

Top menu

EVENT TENT: The various sizes of the Event Tent can be selected from this menu to be added to the scene.

DISPLAY WALL: Click to show the Display Wall in the scene.

CITY: Click this button to have the option to place multiple existing saved designs in the scene at the same time.


By using your left mouse button, you can click and drag on the stage to rotate around the product in order to view it from all sides. By using the scroll wheel on your mouse, you can zoom in and out. By positioning your mouse over the different parts of the product, you will notice that they will become highlighted in red, indicating that you can add or change the color of these parts.

COLOR SELECTION WHEEL: By clicking on an active part/element you will be presented with a color wheel, which shows the standard available X-GLOO colors and a rainbow swatch which can be used to specify a pantone color.

ELEMENT SELECTION WHEEL: By clicking the ‚plus‘ icons located around the product you will be presented with an Element selection wheel, which shows the optional Elements available to connect to that area of the product. Click one of the optional Elements to add it to the product.

BRANDING: When the BRANDING button the left is red, and activated, uploaded images can be applied to the product. To do so, first activate one of your uploaded images by left-clicking on it. The image should now have a red outline. You can then move your mouse over the desired part of the product, and then left click again to add the image to the product. You can then move, resize, rotate, or remove the image from the product by means of the small icons located below it. Common misunderstanding: You cannot place the images on the product by using drag-and-drop.

DECOR: Desired items from the right-hand decor menu can be added to the stage by left clicking on them. When placed on the stage, a green cone above the item will indicate that it is active. While active, the item can be moved or rotated using the same small icons used to move or rotate an image placed from the branding menu. Right click on the cone to deactivate the item—turning it grey—and left click on it to activate it again when necessary.

CITY: Click the ‘ADD PRODUCT’ button to place one of your pre-saved designs on the stage. You can repeat this to add additional products – including multiple copies of the same design. All products added will be placed in the same position in the center of the stage and must be repositioned afterward.

The cube above the product will be initially grey, and therefore deactive. Left click on it to activate it—turning it green—in order to move, rotate, or delete it. Right click on the cube afterward to deactivate it again.

If two products with one side open (without a Wall, Banner, or Canopy) are placed directly beside each other with the open sides facing, a small ‘plus’ icon will appear above and between the two products. Once all products are deactivated, you can then click this icon to add a ‘TUNNEL PART between the Tents, which can then be customized using the color wheel or by applying an uploaded image to it using the branding button. The product(s) you add to the City using the ‚Add Product‘ button cannot be modified within the City section. To make any changes to them, you must go back into the saved design, make your changes, and then resave it.