X-GLOO ® High-Tech Product

4x4 Inflatable Event Tent

The use of high-tech materials make the X-GLOO ® Inflatable Event Tent a high-quality, stable, and lightweight solution for housing product displays, presentations, events, and shows of all kinds — indoors or out.

The Block-Building System with exchangeable roofs; individually-detachable tubes; and a variety of optional Walls, Banners, Canopies, and Tunnel Parts in a range of sizes makes the Event Tent the ideal redesignable and expandable presentation platform for any event or location.

Plus, optional full-surface dye-sublimation printing of the Event Tent roof and Elements brings brilliance to your CI colors, logos, and designs; and transforms the X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tent into an eyecatcher that perfectly presents your brand and marketing message.

Perfect for more compact spaces, the 4x4 X-GLOO ® Inflatable Event Tent offers plenty of flexibility and customization options through the various available Elements and the ability to connect multiple tents to one another. Thanks to its minimal weight and low pack volume, the 4x4-meter Event Tent is easy for one person to transport and set up.

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4x4 Matrix

X-GLOO ® High-Tech product

The 4x4 Event Tent Matrix consists of four inflatable support tubes and a roof which can be easily removed by zipper. The five individual parts can be exchanged or replaced as desired. These five individual parts can be exchanged, redesigned, or later reordered as desired.


With our printable 'Lotus Light' fabric — for use on the roof of the Event Tent Matrix and all optional Elements — we can apply any color or design by means of full-surface dye-sublimation printing. The visibility of the printed art on the white-colored back side of the fabric will vary based on the amount of light shining through it.

*Standard Walls are additionally available with double-sided printing or with a printed, perforated Mesh fabric.



Our 'NS 476' fabric — for use on the roof of the Event Tent Matrix and all optional Elements — is dyed, meaning
the color appears the same on both sides. It is available in the following colors: white - black - grey (423C) - red (200C) - blue (2728C) -  yellow (109C) - green (362C).  We stock a selection of Event Tents and Elements made from NS 476 fabric in order to offer you products for fast, flexible delivery*.

* available with optional thermal-transfer foil printing.


Our 'DACRON' fabric — for use on the tubes of the Event Tent Matrix and optional Canopies — is available in the following colors: white - black - grey (cool5C) - red (200C) - blue (2728C) -  yellow (109C) - green (348C). The color of each tube of the Event Tent matrix can be specified individually. A complete Matrix tube set includes 4 tubes.

*printing on the tubes is not possible.

*For more information or to place an order, please contact the X-GLOO Distributor near you, or contact us directly by phone at +49 8641 6948-60 or through our contact form.


The ELEMENTS from the Block-Building System round off the Event Tent Matrix, and can be used to create a tent city. Click on the images to enlarge and to view available colors.


Available ACCESSORIES include easy solutions for the transport, setup, and anchoring of your Event Tent, as well as a convenient lighting option.Click on the images to enlarge and to view available colors

“I was really impressed with the quality of your product. Being a product designer myself I can really appreciate the details, the packaging and the function.”


Technical Data

Delivery, Size and Downloads.

Eventtzelt Lieferumfang


Included with every
4x4 Event Tent Matrix:

1x X-GLOO Multifunction Transport Bag (1)
1x Hand Pump (2)
1x Anchoring Line Set (3)
1x Manual and Quick User Guide (4)
1x Repair Kit:

1x Replacement Bladder (9)
1x Adhesive Repair Patch (10)
1x Fixing Element Tool (11)
2x Allen Key (12)
2x Replacement Valve Housing (13)
2x Zipper Puller (14)

Optional Elements:
Door-, Window-, and Standard Walls, Canopy, Tunnel Parts.

DOWNLOADS: Manual, Quick User Guide, Templates

Exterior Side Length (m [ft/in])4,0 [13‘ 2“]5,0 [16‘ 5“]6,0 [19‘ 8“]7,85 [25‘ 9“]
Entrance Height (m [ft/in])1,92 [6‘ 4“]2,4 [7‘ 10“]3,0 [9‘ 10“]3,70 [12‘]
Total Height (m [ft/in])2,50 [8‘ 2“]3,00 [9‘ 10“]3,57 [11‘ 8“]5,00 [16‘ 5“]
Tube Diameter (cm [ft/in])25 [10“]31 [12“]37 [14“]43 [17“]
Covered Surface Area (m2 [ft2])7,23 [77.82]11,30 [121.63]16,27 [175.12]30,3 [326.15]
Weight (kg [lbs])13,3 [29.32]18,80 [41.45]25,5 [56.22]42 [92.60]
Setup Time Hand Pump15 min23 min30 min
Setup Time Electric5 min10 min15 min25 min
Width (m [ft/in])3,76 [12‘ 4“]4,72 [ 15‘ 6“]5,64 [18‘ 6“]7,76 [25‘ 9“]
Height (m [ft/in])2,27 [7‘ 5“]2,84 [9‘ 4“]3,44 [11‘ 3“]3,58 [11‘ 9“]
Width (m [ft/in])4,20 [13‘ 9“]5,00 [16‘ 5“]7,76 [25‘ 9“]
Height (m [ft/in])0,72 [2‘ 4“]0,86 [2‘ 8“]0,83 [2‘ 9“]
Entrance Height (m [ft/in])1,90 [6‘ 3“]2,38 [7‘ 9“]3,35 [11‘]
Total Height (m [ft/in])2,17 [7‘]2,71 [8‘ 10“]3,25 [10‘ 8“]
Tube Diameter (cm [in])12,50 [5“]15,60 [6“]18,75 [7“]
Total Covered Surface Area (m2 [ft2])Tent with 4 Canopies22,83 [245.74]35,67 [383.95]²51,34 [552.62]
Weight (kg [lbs])3,06 [6.75]4,40 [9.70]6,06 [13.36]
Setup Time Hand Pump5 min5 min5 min
Setup Time Electric/2-3 min2-3 min2-3 min
Width (m [ft/in])2,93 [9‘ 7“]3,51 [11‘ 6“]
Height (m [ft/in])0,51 [1‘ 8“]0,67 [2‘ 2“]


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