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The use of high-tech materials make the X-GLOO ® Inflatable Event Tent a high-quality, stable, and very lightweight solution for housing product displays, presentations, events, and shows of all kinds — indoors or out.

X-GLOO ® High-Tech



The Block-Building System behind the X-GLOO ® Inflatable Event Tent provides you with maximum versatility and convenience. A wide range of sizes — plus various optional wall, canopy, and tunnel elements — make the Event Tent the ideal redesignable and expandable presentation platform for any event or location.

Exchangeable Roof

The Block-Building System and simple YKK-zipper connections allow for the quick exchange of individual components such as the roof or tubes. This means that branded parts can be flexibly interchanged and various color combinations can be achieved.

The optional Tunnel Parts allow you to connect multiple Event Tents to each other quickly and easily, to provide a setting large enough to host any number of visitors or display almost any size product.

X-GLOO ® High-Tech



The four tubes which make up the the Event Tent’s support structure each consist of a firm and durable fabric outer shell which surrounds an airtight bladder made from made of TPU foil. The construction is similar to that of a bicycle tire.

Depending on the size of the tent, each tube can be inflated via the valve welded securely onto the bladder in only 1-3 minutes using a hand- or electric pump. Once the maximum air pressure has been reached, the red-colored overpressure valve will open to release excess air.

After the tubes have been inflated, they will stay full for weeks without the need for re-inflation…

Eventzelt Quailtät | Dye-Sublimation

X-GLOO ® High-Tech



Custom, full-surface dye-sublimation printing of the Event Tent roof and Elements brings brilliance to your CI colors, logos, and designs, and transforms the X-GLOO ® Inflatable Event Tent into an eyecatcher that perfectly presents your brand and marketing message.

The dye-sublimation process starts with the art being applied to a transfer film with a liquid-gel dye. The film is then laid on top of the print fabric and then sent through the heated cylinders. The calender uses heat and pressure to cause the dye in the film to vaporize and enter the fabric, where it cools and turns back into a solid. Because the dye goes into the fibers of the fabric, it is protected against exposure to water and UV rays, and will not flake or crack.

Dye-sublimation printing is applied to our specially-chosen print fabrics for use on the roof and other Elements:

Eventzelt Quailtät | Dye-Sublimation

*2./3. only available for use with the Standard Wall

1. Print fabric with single-sided dye-sublimation printing (the visibility of the printed art on the white-colored back side of the fabric will vary based on the amount of light shining through it).

2. Print fabric with double-sided dye-sublimation printing* (consists of two layers of printed fabric with a light-blocking material between them).

3. Mesh fabric with dye-sublimation printing* (perforated and air-permeable).

X-GLOO ® Quality



X-GLOO ® Inflatable Event Tents are waterproof! The fabric for the tents is coated with a special, water-impermeable PU on the inside of the fabric. In addition, the sewn seams of the roof are welded with sealing tape and the zippers for connecting the Walls, Canopies, Banners, etc. are covered with an extra strip of fabric called the ‘Zipper Rain Cover’ to keep water out.

Eventzelt Quailtät | wasserfest
Eventzelt Quailtät | windstabil

X-GLOO ® Quality



When properly secured and anchored, the 4x4, 5×5, 6×6 and 8×8 X-GLOO Inflatable Event Tents are stable in winds of up to 60 km/h — this has been tested and proven in a professional wind tunnel. More detailed information can be found in our Wind Resistance Certificate.

X-GLOO ® Quality



X-GLOO ® Inflatable Event Tents stand for design and construction of the highest quality and functionality. This is evident in important details such as the selection and use of robust, long-life materials. The X-GLOO fabrics have been carefully selected and subjected to several tests. The fabric we use has a light protection factor UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of over 50, and has achieved a blue wool lightfastness rating of 5-6 (very good) according to DIN EN ISO 105-B02.

Eventzelt Quailtät | UV beständig
Eventzelt Quailtät | feuerfest

X-GLOO ® Quality



X-GLOO ®  Inflatable Event Tents are tested according to the DIN 4102-B1 — B1 for short (controls testing and requirements for the reaction of building materials and building components to fire. A German standard that is also used in most European countries.), as well as the CPAI 84 Norm (Specifications of the American Association of Sailcloth Materials for the assessment of flame-retardant materials used in tents).

X-GLOO ® Quality



Side Walls, Banners, Tunnel Parts, and Canopies can all be quickly and easily connected and disconnected by means of high-quality YKK zippers (certified OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100). The unique zipper system gives you the flexibility to connect the walls with your printed design facing either the inside or outside of the Event Tent. The same high-quality YKK zippers are used for the roof-tube connection, allowing the roof to be easily separated from the tubes in order to be exchanged or replaced.

Eventzelt Quailtät | YKK Reißverschluss
Eventzelt Quailtät | feuerfest

X-GLOO ® Quality



X-GLOO ® Inflatable Event Tents can be set up on any terrain. Each Event Tent is equipped with heavy-duty anchoring rings and reinforced loops which, when used with the appropriate ballast or anchoring accessories, allow the it to be secured on soft or hard ground surfaces. We offer accessories for anchoring the tent on various soft-ground surfaces, and our Tube Ballasts, Wall Ballasts, and Water Ballast Barrels have been specially developed to be used on hard ground surfaces in varying wind speeds.

X-GLOO ® High-Tech


The production of high-tech X-GLOO ® Inflatable Event Tents takes place in our own facility in Europe, and is subject to a high quality standard and premium demands.

In order to confirm this, all of our products manufactured in Europe carry this label.

X-GLOO ® High-Tech


The development of the X-GLOO ® Inflatable Event Tent is the result of CAD design work, with numerous material and prototype tests taking place before the final serial production.

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In addition to an outstanding product, X-GLOO ® offer top-notch customer-oriented service — before, during and after your purchase. For repairs, our service centers in Germany, the Czech Republic and the USA ensure that your product is repaired quickly and professionally.

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